Homestead Exemption

If you have received notification that your homestead exemption has been revoked and you owe taxes for prior years, we may be able to help you.  In Florida, you may only claim the homestead protection on one property.  Special exceptions may exist if you are married, but the general rule is that you can only claim one homestead.

Therefore, if you are a seasonal resident and have a second home, your homestead could be jeopardized if you are receiving another homestead exemption in another state.  Florida may revoke your homestead retroactively even if you are receiving that homestead exemption unknowingly in another state.

We recently discovered that our Florida residents who also maintain a home in Ohio were unaware that Ohio was providing them with a homestead exemption.  This caused the Florida resident to lose their homestead and created a large tax liability for the Florida homeowner.  We understand that Pinellas County itself has approximately 100 cases namely dealing with Ohio residents.  We have assisted our clients in reversing the denial of the homestead exemption in Florida thereby saving them thousands of dollars in taxes.

Contact us for a FREE consultation regarding the granting or denial of homestead protection in Florida.  We are here to assist you.

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