I need to evict my tenant.

As a Landlord there may be several different reasons to evict your tenant. Your tenant(s) may not be paying rent or may otherwise be violating their lease. We can advise you of your rights. Florida Law has strict notice requirements that must be met prior to beginning the eviction process. Don’t go it alone. Contact us to help you with your eviction, to get it right the first time, and to remove the tenant from the property promptly and efficiently.

Florida law provides many protections for tenants facing eviction, and courts will not hesitate to strike down a landlord’s case for small, technical errors. Our attorneys handle eviction cases on a regular basis. We know the intricacies of Florida eviction law and are prepared to assist you with your residential eviction.

Are you owed past due rent, or did the tenant damage the property?

We can file an action against the tenant for damages at the same time we file the eviction action, saving time and money.

My tenant has a security deposit with me but has moved out. What do I need to do?

It is very important that you follow certain guidelines, and legal notice and timing requirements if you hold a tenant’s security deposit. If you do not follow the statute accordingly, you may forfeit your right to keep the tenant’s security deposit.

The property is titled in the name of my business. Can I file for an eviction myself?

If you are a business entity (LLC, Corporation, or partnership) you cannot represent the business entity. Under Florida law, businesses must be represented by an attorney in an action for an eviction.

I am a tenant and the Landlord is not complying with the Lease.

If you are being evicted, do not wait. Contact us immediately. Once you have been served with the complaint, you only have five (5) days to answer the Complaint. If you do not answer the Complaint, you will be defaulted and you will be forced to vacate your home. You may lose other valuable rights by failing to properly respond. You do have rights, and the landlord must follow specific requirements described by statute. We have protected tenants rights and can protect your rights.

I am a Tenant in a property and have been served with a foreclosure complaint? What are my rights?

Even if the home you live in has been foreclosed, you have a right to live in that home. You may be able to stay in the property for 90 days or even the entire remaining term of your lease.
What should you do?

  1. Continue to pay the same rent you have been paying, but to the new owner.
  2. Watch for any notices posted on the property or sent to the property. If you receive a notice for certified mail, make sure you pick it up as soon as possible.
  3. Discuss your rights with an attorney. We can explain your rights and make sure you are protected.