Copyrights and trademarks are mechanisms for protecting your intellectual property. Copyrights in particular concern intellectual property that is put into tangible form, most commonly products of authorship, and protects the right to make copies of it.  Copyrights can be held by entities or natural persons and accordingly have different time frames in which they are valid.

Trademarks protect symbols, words, pictures, or other markings that represent a particular good or company or the like.  There are several advantages to formal registration of a trademark, and trademark infringement can have serious legal consequences.  It is important to conduct a careful search of the current database for existing trademarks and consult with an attorney on the time period and scope of protection associated with trademarks.

Our firm can inform you on the requirements for obtaining a copyright or trademark, the legal implications of owning them, and the legal consequences of their infringements.  We can further assist you in applying for, acquiring, or renewing a copyright or trademark, represent you if you think your copyright or trademark has been infringed on, and address any other questions or concerns you may have regarding intellectual property protection.