We are here to help with your National Firearms Act (NFA) questions

We invite you to peruse our website where you can find information on Firearm Trusts that we prepare, designed to address federal and Florida State law. In most cases, our firm charges a flat fee (including mailing costs) for a Firearms Trust (see our webpage: http://davisbastalaw.com/practice-areas/gun-trusts/).

If you plan to purchase certain types of items, including but not limited to machine guns, sound suppressors, short barreled shotguns, or short barreled rifles, is regulated by federal law. Placing such items in a trust is a convenient and popular method of holding these items, which is a type of ownership recognized in Florida.

We caution owners of class III items when relying on boilerplate forms or software designed to create trusts. You should ensure that your trust and any trust done for your client is properly drafted to deal with any special issues involved with items regulated by the NFA. Our law firm practices in the area of real estate, which encompasses estate planning, and has been drafting gun trusts since 2008. When the NFA is violated, the individuals who violate the Act may be subject to substantial fines, criminal charges, and forfeiture.

If you would like any information or to discuss our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.

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